Dec 18, 2012

Man irons face when phone rings

To add insult to injury, he banged his head against bathroom door as well

A man in Poland tried to impress his wife by doing his bit of housework. However, the man lived to regret his good deed as he managed to iron his face when the phone rang.

The 32-year-old man, who was ironing some clothes when his mobile phone went off, automatically put the device in his hand, ironically a hot iron, to his ears to respond to the call, reports UK website Orange.

The man's attention was on the boxing match that he was watching while doing the dreaded housejob.

After feeling incredible pain, he rushed to the washroom to apply water on his burnt cheek and ears, only to ram into the bathroom door.

So, now he looks like one of the boxers who has lost his match. He has a bruised eye and a burnt cheek to show for his wee bit of multi-tasking at home.