Dec 22, 2012

We need to execute some corrupt people for Nigeria to progress- CPC spokesperson, Fashakin

Mr. Fashakin of the CPC said it is time to execute some Nigerians for national progress.

Some Nigerian leaders who have used their positions to oppress and exploit the people need to be executed for Nigeria to progress, the spokesperson of the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, Rotimi Fashakin, has said.

Mr. Fasakin, in the second part of an exclusive interview granted PREMIUM TIMES advocated the Ghana-style execution of corrupt leaders. He said this has become necessary for Nigeria to move forward.

“There are some necessary execution that should be done in this nation,” he said. “I think some people that have put us in this mess, that have use their position unjustly to oppress the preponderant population of the people … I think this people should be executed like the Ghanaians did”

Mr. Fashakin also described the kind of corruption going on in the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan as ‘nuclear powered’.

“The kind of Corruption that existed under Obasanjo eight-year rule is not the level of corruption we are seeing now,” he said. “If Obasanjo is just a mere BAZOOKA, this one is getting towards a nuclear range. It is a massive corruption that we have now.”

Watch the video of the interview below