Dec 20, 2012

“Tunde is leaving, but the group is not breaking up” – Styl Plus

R & B group, Styl Plus have officially denied the recent media claims that ‘they have parted ways’.

The group in a statement disclosed that Tunde Akinsanmi, one of its founding members, is ‘indeed’ leaving, but STYL Plus is not ‘breaking up’.

The 9-year-old group, STYL Plus further said “We owe it to our fans to clear the air on this matter. In the process of working towards a collective vision and in this vein, Tunde Akinsanmi has decided to pursue a solo career and delve into other ventures that are not Styl-Plus’s priority at the moment”

The statement further asserted, “the group’s musical projects will go on as usual: Shifi and Zeal will be releasing a new single titled ‘Tonight’ (Ale-Oni) in the coming weeks.”

“We thank all the fans and media whose unwavering support we have enjoyed so far and continue to enjoy” they had concluded