Apr 26, 2012

Video: D’banj Was A 419er and A Bad Seed – JJC (Skillz)

JJC (Skillz) has responded to Dbanj’s allegations that he cheated Don Jazzy while both of them were with the 419 Squad calling the “Koko master” a 419er (a name for fraudsters which was coined from section 419 of the Nigeria constitution dealing with laws on advance fee fraud and related matter).
On a video posted on you tube, Skillz disclosed this in an interview with Nigezie saying he was the brain behind the career of both Dbanj and Don Jazzy.
“Within my team, were people like Dbanj and … whatever other names were 419ers. And I didn’t accept it, that was why we had so many clashes,” he said.
“The reason why the JJC and the 419 Squad wrote the ‘mobolowo’ was because at that time Dbanj “was running from the police.”
“D’banj and Don Jazzy were working with me. I took all of them to Africa’s biggest show that could be…”
“You are nobody, nobody knew you so why would I pay you to come and perform. I was giving you an opportunity, a platform to come and perform…”
“I taught Don Jazzy how to produce, which made him Don Jazzy taht he is today. I use to pay him £1000 every month in 2004, which was N250,000 for being a trainee…”
More in the video 4:52min long video.