Apr 2, 2012

Ex-Militants Bomb Agip Oil Wells In Bayelsa

The National Agip Oil Company, NAOC pipelines and oil wells stretching between Tailor Creek and the River Niger, Yenagoa, home State of the president Goodluck Jonathan was bombed on Sunday by Niger Delta militants.
The latest attack led to the destruction of five cluster Agip oil wells, according to reports.
A group led by an ex-militant known as "Commander Cairo" claimed responsibility for the attack. The group's leader said the move was a protest against Nigeria's government negligence and under-development of the Niger Delta region.
While threatening bigger attacks, the group also stated that members of the Joint Task Force would be destroyed should the unit attempt any counter attacks on its members.
Yesterday's attack signal further deterioration of the Niger Delta crisis which is bound to lead to a significant increase in international oil prices.