Apr 17, 2012

James Ibori Gets 13 Years In Prison

James Onanefe Ibori, former governor of Nigeria’s oil rich Delta state, has been sentenced to thirteen years in jail by a London Judge for stealing government funds in Nigeria.
This is the third time Mr Ibori, a serial thief, got sentenced for theft in London.
Judge Anthony Pitts has sentenced former Governor James Ibori to 13 years in prison for money laundering.

The judge said he “recognizes that there is another side to the man James ibori,” but that he was not “the proper person to judge your achievements and failings as a governor. That is up to the people of Delta State.”
Mr. Ibori looked lost and forlorn as Judge Pitts spoke before announcing his jail sentence.
The judge disclosed that, if Mr. Ibori had fought the case, he would be looking at a 24-year jail sentence, but noted that the former governor got a reprieve for pleading guilty. He then sentenced Mr. Ibori to 13 years in prison.
Judge Pitts deducted 645 days that the former governor had already spent in jail, ordering that Mr. Ibori serve the rest of his sentence in a British jail. A legal source in the UK said that Mr. Ibori is bound to spend at least 7 years in a UK prison.
Judge Pitts rose and is expected to reconvene soon to sort out confiscation hearings.