Jan 31, 2012

Malaysia warns women against Nigerian boyfriends

Dawos, who is Mambong parliament member, said two Bidayuh women unwittingly became drug mules for their Nigerian boyfriends. Both were arrested in Australia. One of them is from Kampung Seratau and another from Kampung Annah Rais, both within Mambong constituency.

“Bidayuh parents who have daughters better monitor their social activities. If you can, prevent them from going with Africans, especially Nigerians,” he said at a function organised by the Biperoh Association in Kuching on Monday.
Dawos said young women were normally targeted by foreign drug traffickers both online and offline.
“Make sure that your young daughters are not easily manipulated or tricked into transporting drugs, especially when money and relationships are involved.
“Also know what your sons are doing; where they work or who they follow looking for jobs in Peninsular Malaysia because they too can be tricked into becoming drug mules,” he said.
Dawos said four Bidayuh men had fallen victims to a drug syndicate in Peninsular Malaysia. They were forced to smuggle drugs from Thailand into Singapore.

He said one of the victims had died from swallowing too much of the drug capsules.