May 17, 2012

My fight against godfathers +Photo 0f Oshiomhole at Ubiaja Rally

   photo credit: Justin John Jr

“My fight against the godfathers started from his decision to veto what an elected governor had promised to the people of the state. As governor, I was compelled to go to Abuja and invited to a private living room of a man whose name has never appeared on the ballot paper and he has to interrogate me on why I want to build more schools. He was not convinced and he deleted the vote for mass transit, for education and other capital projects including security votes. So I made up my mind that we will not only fight the godfather but we will defeat him in the interest of the people of Edo State.

“Many people who have read my comments on Edo State from time to time are wondering why I am fighting the godfathers. To start with, I think to even use the word God is even wrong, the actual word should be the devils father because there is nothing godly in their acts. Some felt I am insulting elders, but I have no difficulty respecting elders, where I have difficulty is that while I respect the age of these people that are holding our dear state down, I have no respect for the age of their ideas.”

“It is the same thing that explains the paradox of a rich country whose people are being pauperised and it is the same thing that explains why fewer people are buying jets and more people are getting poorer.”

On the award conferred on him by Champion newspapers, he said: “When people start to appreciate your good work, it is an invitation to do more and I appreciate the kind gesture by the company. It has demonstrated that there are still people of integrity in this country who can pass judgement based on facts rather than emotions.”