May 17, 2012

Uromi at Okpujie for the Arrival of Governor Oshiomhole.

Remarkable progress can only be achieved by the combination of a disciplined and visionary leader; and a political party that has a good history of enduring democratic practice. observers of political events have observed that some of the aspirants who seeks exulted public office, like the post of a State Governor in Nigeria lacks verifiable record of community service; patriotic disposition towards the upliftment, empowerment or employment of their fellow citizens in the various positions or formations that they were opportuned to have served in the past. or the political platform that they seek to contest the election may have a questionable image in the minds of the electorates. But, the odds favor Adams Oshiomhole in view of his antecedent and performance as NLC President and Governor of Edo state in the last three and a half years.