May 16, 2012

7 Relationship Lessons From “Ice Loves Coco”

If you don’t watch “Ice Loves Coco” you might assume that Ice-T and his wife Coco have a shallow, reality show relationship. After all, he’s a rap star, she’s a voluptuous model; usually that combo doesn’t make for the most healthy and equal partnerships. But anyone who has watched “Ice Loves Coco” knows that these two crazy kids are actually the reality show exception: they have a genuinely solid relationship and have been married for over 11 years. I thought it might be helpful to compile some relationship tips from watching the show. Read on for seven love lessons from Coco and Ice-T that we should all take to heart…

1. Stay curious about your partner. Even after 11 years, Coco and Ice still seem genuinely intrigued by each other. As Ice said in a recent episode, “I think you stop learning new things about your partner when you’re uninterested in them.” So simple, so true. No matter how well you think you know each other, remember that there’s always more to learn.

2. Adore her. This sounds so corny, but you guys, the way Ice look at Coco is seriously the sweetest thing ever; you can tell how much they adore each other. Many people try to play it cool in their relationships, but really, we should all take a page from Ice and Coco’s playbook and be more transparent about our romantic feelings. Never hide your love away!

3. Go on adventures. Some of the best bonding experiences a couple can have are of the random, crazy, adventurous variety, so practice saying “yes” to new experiences as a couple. Ziplining, art classes, even trying new foods–anything that takes you out of your comfort zone is good. And if one or both of you is a little scared, even better: you can take turns playing the fearless hero.

4. Prioritize your relationship. Coco was recently offered the lead role in an action movie, but when the director mentioned that it would be filming in New Mexico for three months, Coco paused. She didn’t want to be away from Ice for that long. When she talked it out with Ice, he agreed it would be awful to be apart but reminded her that should never sacrifice her career for their relationship. The lesson here? Your relationship shouldn’t necessarily be more important than other parts of your life, but you should always take it into consideration.

5. Be a cheerleader. Coco is always by Ice’s side at his movie premieres and often visits the set of “Law and Order” to cheer him on, which is awesome. Even more awesome, though, is that she knows that support goes both ways: Ice goes to Coco’s photo shoots and is always rooting for her, too. Remember to cheer your partner on in whatever they’re passionate about, and expect them to cheer for you in return.

6. Revel in your differences. Ice is naturally laid back. Coco is a self-professed control freak. Does this cause tension sometimes? Of course. Ice and Coco understand that our differences are often the things that bring us together and ultimately strengthen our relationships.

7. Don’t take life too seriously. One thing I see time and time again in successful relationships is an element of playfulness, an ability to keep things light even when times are tough. Ice and Coco are no exception–they’re always teasing each other, laughing, and just generally having fun. Try to make some room for lightness and laughter in your relationship, especially when things feel heavy. Trust me — if it works for Ice and Coco, it will work for you.