Jul 21, 2012

Goodbye Doris Ehikhamhen Obaseki

I join with so many others who knew Doris in offering our deepest sympathy on her passing. Although it is little consolation at this sad time, It is true that she was taken from us too soon, and I think you share my sentiment that it feels a little unfair that such a smart and talented young woman life has ended with so much living left to do. It is my firm belief that bad things that happen to good people serve a greater good, and Doris's death will, I believe, teach us all something if we only let ourselves be taught. Right now, we all are trudging through the mourning process, but with support from friends and family, I think we can find ourselves whole again.

May you find peace and comfort in knowing that her loss is felt by all who knew and loved her. We miss her so much. Her legend will never burn out…..RIP Doris.

Here is a Song by Elton John as a tribute to princess Diana with mounted lyrics. Dedicated to Doris Ehikhamhen Obaseki