Mar 25, 2012

women married to gay men in China: Expert

 Women in China may be married to homosexual men, "silently suffering" the consequences to sustain their wedlock, a leading Chinese expert claimed.
Prof Zhang Bei-chuan from Qingdao University, who researches on AIDS and HIV, said that about 90% of homosexual men marry because of pressure to follow traditional values prevalent in the country.
"But their wives are struggling to cope and their plight should be recognised," he was quoted by the state-run China Daily. About 16 million women in China may be married to homosexual men, he claimed.
Xiao Yao, a 29-year-old magazine editor in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, divorced her gay husband in 2008.
"Most gay men's wives I've known are silently suffering at the hands of husbands who could never love them, and like me, some even got abused by husbands who were also under great pressure," she said.
She runs a website which has 1,200 such women registered as users and says it "makes them feel they're not alone and empowers them to make the right choices."

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  1. Anonymous8:50 AM

    I do
    not understand a gay man getting married, knowing he is gay, and
    waiting for a few years later to tell his wife he is gay especially if
    there are children involved. At the same time I don't understand why a
    woman, who in my opinion thinks so little of herself, that she would
    stay married to a man who doesn't want/desire her but then I don't
    understand most couples--gay or nongay!