Nov 5, 2013

We will not allow you to continue to manipulate the palace and Edo people- Tony Igiehor warn Oshiomhole


Tony Igiehor aka Edo politics, creator of Edo political forum, the largest Edo political group online says enough is enough; warn Oshiomhole against compromising the integrity of the great Benin Kingdom.

Here is the full text:

There is not enough money in this entire world to buy the integrity of the OBA of Benin, a Kingdom with over 2000 years of traceable history of integrity cannot change because of one individual. That we speak up for the integrity of this great traditional institution shows the love we have for the Great Kingdom and her history, let no one misinterpret that to mean the people turning against the palace, it is an inbuilt correcting mechanism that have existed in this Great Kingdom even before us.

That the palace in attempt to forge unity in this Great Kingdom of ours by embracing Oshiomole with 100% support does not give Oshiomole the right to compromise the integrity of the Great Kingdom.

Oshiomole need to apply wisdom in dealing with issues and understand that as descended of great warriors, the

people of Edo State will not stand and watch him manipulate them to his advantage, the people will not watch him use hidden hands to manipulate the palace to gain support for his badly advised policies.

The integrity of this Great Empire cannot be compromised by anyone no matter how hard they try, the people are the souls of the kingdom and they will rise up to fight anyone that dares to compromise the integrity of this Great Kingdom.

However, what is not in doubt is that there are some hidden hands who out of their selfish and compromised desire try to use their inner understanding of the BTC to manipulate it, to these people we say we are watching you, and in good time we will call you out to answer to the people of this Great Kingdom for your evil intentions against them.

We want to use this opportunity yet again to put Oshiomole on notice that the people say no:

To the sale of Edo House

To the result of Esan North Election as declared by EDSIEC

To using the name of the PALACE to gain credibility

To using Tony Kabaka and his thugs to harass Edo Citizens

Enough is enough

OBA gha to 'Okpehe Ise