Nov 3, 2013

No Matter What,I Am Going To Marry Actress Nadia Buari Because My People Love Her

The love between these two is no doubt what i will call true love....Jim who is well know to be the bad guy in nollywood is thinking straight now to be a man, not just talk like a man.

If still doubts over Nigerian actor, Jim Iyke’s true intentions for Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari, then it is time to hold your peace, as the now born again Jim has come out to say that he intends to marry Nadia because his family members love and adore her.

Jim’s stand has now become necessary as many fans of Nadia, especially in her home country, do not believe that he will marry her in the end, as some see him as a serial heart breaker who has used and dumped many ladies.
Jim has this to say; “Yes we have discussed marriage. But we are taking it one step at a time. I am actually at a point where starting a family is becoming an attractive proposition. Nadia and I have been to Nigeria and my family members love and adore her.”