Nov 6, 2013


A noted Nigerian activist, Roz Ben Okagbue, has descended on River State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, over his call that the people of Rivers state should be ready to spill blood for the revolution that he alleges is coming.

Speaking while hosting leaders of the All Progressives Congress, APC, who had paid him a visit to lobby him to join their party, an excited Amaechi said "They are so desperate that they have gone to hire Commissioner Mbu as the military wing of the PDP. One thing you should know is that the police will come after you. The only way to stop them is the people’s power. When you hear of impunity, It’s because you allow it. When you hear that Amaechi is courageous, it’s because I take risk. You must come out when we ask you to do so. There is no revolution without blood".

But Ben Okagbue, who is a renowned activists and notaed progressive said in response to Amaechi's call "So these politicians honestly believe that on their behalf the innocent citizens of Nigeria will hit the streets and shed their own blood? On what grounds? What have they done for us lately? Have they used our money to build state of the art hospitals so our people stop going to India to die? Have they built and equipped schools and universities so that we stop sending our children to Ghana for a sound education? Is it not the same Amaechi who found enough funds to buy and fly ...around in a private jet? On what grounds are we coming out to revolt for them? And whose blood should be spilt may I ask?

Let them line up their sons and daughters and have them killed first. After that they can line up the people they gave contracts to. if the are looking for who to use for blood sacrifice, they should know that charity begins at home!

How many of these 
G7 Northern governors in question brought money to compensate the BH victims? What did even Amaechi himself do when Obassanjo and Yar'adua's govts were bombing his people? Now they are looking for innocent blood to spill. Look at Anambra state where innocent people were killed in a stampede. Peter Obi is busy investigating? Investigating what? Was he not there? Those poor people have died in vain yet the politicians did not stop their campaign and bickering for one second!

Enough is enough! Anyone who steps on the streets on the account of these theiving politicians must be completely stupid. If and when we are ready to revolt, we know who will call us. Most certainly not serving governors simply because they are out of favour. They are all dancing naked in the market square....we shall continue watching like it's a movie!