May 30, 2015

You Need To Get Your Brain Checked For Calling Jonathan a Hero- Adokiye

You Need To Get Your Brain Checked For Calling Jonathan a Hero- Adokiye

Singer Adokiye Kyrian is not supporting the notion of calling Former President, Goodluck Jonathan a hero.

Adokiye told Vanguard that the Nigerians who are calling Jonathan a hero should get their brain checked.

According to the virgin singer, “I feel really bad for the Nigerians calling President Jonathan a hero. Hero to who please?” she asked disdainfully.The singer said Jonathan disappointed her. In her words, “Why waste your saliva and brain on someone who has brought poverty, national blackout, danger, unemployment, terror and insecurity to our dear nation. Don’t get me wrong, he was my president before now. His wife is even from my mum’s village, Ogu Bolo in Okrika and I know her home. So, they are my people. But my dear, he disappointed me. Someone that has seen poverty before but was blessed by God to change mankind. What did he do? He forgot us and started forming ‘big man’ for Nigerians. I bet he thought the world was his. Thank God for his mercy for not allowing him to come back to complete his mission of doom”, she added.

When asked about how she feel for people who worked under Jonathan, Adokiye replied saying “They were all heartless people. People that could not feel the pains of the poor who put them there to serve them. If anybody is still calling Jonathan a hero that person should be checked”