May 28, 2015

Controversy over sudden appearance of Buhari’s ‘son’, Yusuf


There’s currently a serious debate over the sudden appearance of Yusuf, son of president-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

Yusuf literarily broke the social media after his picture cropped up online in company of his father, Gen. Buhari, Thursday morning.

Donned in a flowing traditional apparel and a matching cap, Yusuf and his sister, Zaha were captured by the sharp lense of photojournalists at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Thursday morning after touching down from the Queen’s land in company of the father, Buhari.
The fair-complexioned dude sparked media war as many Nigerians have been wondering about his whereabouts before now.

In fact, some social media users threw jabs at him for failing to show up before and during the election but only to appear like FC Barcelona’s Thomas vermaelen, who didn’t turn up for club until they were to lift the trophy.

Others believe that Yusuf’s appearance before the March 28 presidential election would have attracted more votes for Buhari.

However, some citizens who spoke with DAILY POST blamed the president from hiding his son from the general public, saying that there was more to that than meets the eyes.

A banker who gave his name as Ibrahim said, “I never knew Buhari had a son. I was shocked when the picture appeared on twitter this morning and many people were talking about it. To me that is not fair. Why did Buhari choose to hide his son from the people he’s coming to rule? We remember that before Obama was elected president of the United States, he made his two daughters, Malia and Sasha public and the world saw them. To me the general didn’t do well if that is truly his son.”

Another Nigerian, who gave her name as Sheyi said, “I have been having a serious time on twitter since morning. Nigerian ladies have been fighting over Yusuf, who is said to be Buhari’s son. Well, not until now, I never knew Buhari had a son that is this handsome. Buhari should explain to us why he hid his son from us”.

On his part, Michael, a media practitioner said, “But who told us that is Buhari’s son? The general didn’t introduce him to us as his son. We saw Buhari’s family picture and the so-called Yusuf is not there, so what is this argument all about. I think we should wait for Buhari to tell us who the guy is before we conclude. And if he’s truly Buhari’s son, then I am disappointed”.

There is serious fight among Nigerian girls on whom will marry the ‘new prince’.

A twitter user said, ‏@AmyEvabeautiful said, “Igbo girl turned-Hausa. Now you can call me Haija Amaka Yusuf Buhari. #HAYB …. call me Aboki, I go answer.”

In fact, Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar could not hide her feeling for Yusuf as she also tweeted thus: “Is he (Yusuf) looking for me?”