Jun 20, 2013

Yvonne Nelson Insults His Father…Sends Fathers’ Day Message To Mother

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In African setting, it’s clear insult to one’s father when a mother takes a role or glory of a father. This exactly is what the Ghanaian top actress, Yvonne Nelson, displayed when she sent a message meant for her father to her mother

Some of her fans who read that message said maybe it’s because she doesn't have a father any more, but people who know her too well said she has a father in Ghana but she has never been in good accord with him, reasons she sent a message meant for him to her mother.The actress uploaded her mother’s photo (instead of father) on father's day and sent out a message, saying her mother has been her father (playing the role of both Dad and Mom).

Do you think her behaviour is as a result of his dad's irresponsibility? Click for Full Image Size
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