Jun 16, 2013

Killing of UNIBEN student:Ibrahim Momodu Was Killed In The Police Station- Barr. Uwoghiren

                           Barrister Jefferson Uwoghiren
The killing of Ibrahim Momodu, the 500 level student of University of Benin who was shot dead by the DPO of Ogida police station has taken a new turn as more facts are emerging on how he was actually killed. According to the previous publication by Naija Center News, Carol Afegbai, the DPO Ogida police station first alleged that, she personally shot Ibrahim twice on both legs and added that he died instantly. She later wrote a full statement contrary to her previous statement that the decease was shot by one of the member of her teams; she accused him of being an armed robber who was shot on self defence. Barrister Jefferson Uwoghiren has released full details on how Ibrahim was murdered. According to the Press statement made available to Naija Center News (NCN), it revealed that Ibrahim was shot in different location contrary to what the police DPO said. The statement revealed that Ibrahim was arrested and taken to the police station, beaten mercilessly before being shot 3 times at the back. The statement also revealed that there is a picture of Ibrahim taken while he was being beaten by the police in the station which clearly indicated that, he was not shot on a bike as the DPO alleged. He was completely harmless and helpless. His words: “We have visited the alleged shooting scene, along Siluko Road, Benin City, not a drop of blood was found there. we challenge the police to tell Nigerians, where the three fatal bullets shot to the heart of Ibrahim Momodu, as shown on the Autopsy Report, was fired” The Autopsy Report read further “Three bullet marks were seen on mid portion, close to each other with a distance of 0.5cm apart. The marks were seen on the back and front with the entry point at the back and exit at the front. The heart was lacerated (torn) into shreds and devoid of blood” Yet the police and the husband of the DPO, Mr. Adams Afegbai, alleged that they acted in self defence. ” Barrister Uwoghiren added that to establish the necessary elements to constitute self defence, the police officer may act under a reasonable belief that he or she was in danger of death and had to means of escape from the assailant. But in this case, the police arrested a person, who offered no resistance or threat of violence, beat him up and proceeded to summarily execute him. Barrister Uwoghiren who request for the immediate arrest of all police officers who were involved in the killing of Ibrahim Momodu added that he has written to University of Benin to recall their irresponsible allegation and forgery levelled against the decease within seven days, or face legal action for emotional distress caused to the family members of late Ibrahim Momodu. He added that the allegation of forgery is a desperate act of a grossly incompetent University management, that sought to demonize and disclaim its valid students, on the basis of an unsubstantiated and wild allegation of robbery by the police.