Mar 28, 2013

Kim Kardashian six-month pregnant belly spotted

Kim Kardashian and her six-month pregnant belly has been spotted all over New York these past few days as she promotes Tyler Perry’s new film, “Temptation.” While jetting past the BET offices this week, she not only chatted about her first big role away from the reality TV cameras, but also how she plans on teaching her child about racial identity. When asked if she is prepared to raise a bi-racial baby, she responded:

I have a lot of friends who are of all different nationalities and their children are bi-racial so they’ve talked to me a little bit about it and what to expect. The most important thing is, the way I want to raise my children is to not see color. There are experiences that you won’t really know how to prepare for until you really go through it but raising a child in general is challenging. As long as you are open-minded and don’t have any pre-concieved ideas of how you are going to raise your children, it really keeps this broad spectrum. Obviously, You want your child to travel the world and experience different races and different cultures everywhere. So that’s really important to me.