Jan 15, 2013

New Music: Jaden Smith ft. Willow Smith – Kite

Jaden Smith got bars. And his flow is pretty damn impressive.

He just released a track, titled “Kite” to the internet and already folks are comparing the song to the emo-laced rhymes that Drake is known for. [I'm hearing more of a Kendrick Lamar influence.] On the record, Will’s mini-me raps about pain, being lost and the women he entertains. He also kicks game with lyrics like, “Your motion, got me roller coasting, I want all in your ocean [...] I give you kisses on your neck and chill after my curfew/ I treat you with respect and girl I never would hurt you.”

Equally impressive is Willow who comes in on the chorus and raps ,”Lil Mama got bars, Lil mama got bars.” She also promises to take you to a higher place while singing in a spacey tone, “you wanna fly I got the kite, I got the kite for you to fly”.

Take a listen below: