Oct 13, 2012

Pastor’s Wife Seeks Divorce Over Bad Behaviour

A 32-year-old woman pleaded with the Agege Grade ‘A’ Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve her six-year-old marriage to Pastor Victor Odafe over alleged threat to life and other irreconcilable differences.

The petitioner, Blessing, who lives at No. 7, Renna St., Tabon-Tabon, Agege, told the court that her husband was fond of watching pornographic films alone and masturbating.

“My husband has not been a responsible man to me and the children. He does not know how we feed, his ways are not clear to me.

“Each time he asks for money and I do not give him on time, he gets angry and make life difficult for me at home.

“He asked for money and I refused, he beat me mercilessly and wanted to strangle me. Again, he accuses me of sleeping with other pastors in the church.

“My husband does not do what he preaches. After coming home from church, he resumes watching pornography and masturbates, and if I talk, he simply asks me to keep shut,’’ she told the court.

The mother of two boys, aged between two and five years, told the court that when she gave birth to her second child, her husband said he was not the father because the child was not fair in complexion.

“I am tired of staying with him, all I want is the dissolution of the marriage and the custody of my children,’’ she submitted.

Responding to the allegations, Victor, 36, a businessman, told the court that his wife was adulterous and nags a lot.

“My world came to a crash when I knew that she pretended to be nice during our courtship.
“She abused me on the altar on our wedding day. She used very harsh words on me.

“She frustrated me, and that was why I told her that our second child was not mine.

According to the pastor, his wife wears all kinds of indecent dresses and comes home late in the night.
“She maltreated me because she is now richer than me; I endured because am a pastor,” he said.

The pastor told the court that he was now a new creature and had stopped doing what the wife accused him of doing in the past.

“I do not support divorce. I still want my wife and children,’’ he said.

The president of the court, Mr. Emmanuel Sokunle, told the parties to maintain the peace whenever they meet outside, and adjourned the case to October 30 for further hearing.