Aug 12, 2017

Queen Latifah Reveals She's Finally Ready to Start a Family at 47

Queen Latifah is ready to start a family. The 47-year-old actress is currently busy at work, but she apparently has something on her to-do list to accomplish. After years talking about her wish to become a mother, she recently revealed her plan to embark on motherhood.

"You'll know when you see me with the rugrat on my shoulder with the little backpack and all this. 'Oh, she did it!' " she said during TCA panel for Lee Daniels-produced FOX series "Star". "That's kind of how it will happen."
Prior to this, the "Girls Trip" actress, whose real name is Dana Elaine Owens, told E! News that she was still hesitant to start a family. "I'm a little bit of a procrastinator. I had some things to deal with," she shared. "I had to get a lot of partying out of my system early in life for about 40 years. You know what I'm saying."

Seemingly changing her mind, she later shared her wish to adopt a child, saying, "I'm actually kind of working on that. I think I saw one of those specials, you know those movies of the week. And it was like--I just always wanted to bring a child home. I'm totally serious. So if you got a kid that you don't...Just give me a year--let me set up camp and send me the kid! But no, no, totally."

While Latifah probably plans to adopt a child soon, it looks like she isn't ready to be back in the dating game just yet after splitting from her longtime girlfriend Eboni Nichols in late 2015.