May 5, 2013

Nollywood Actress Camilla Mberekpe Testifies Of Her Deliverance

Mrs Camilla, a Senior Nollywood Actress for 29 years, came to The SCOAN to advance her relationship with God and to seek for the removal of every mountain that had been placed before her. The Lord located her through Prophet T.B. Joshua who after asking about her son, told her to wait for her deliverance. Indeed, she was delivered from every bondage of satan in her life, in Jesus’ name.
Today she came to testify of how her life had been transformed. Prophet T.B. Joshua explained that the plan of the devil was to cut short her life but with her deliverance, God has now enlarged her coast and given her long life. He added that no matter what position a person has attained in life, everybody needs deliverance.
Mrs Camilla advised everyone to seek the truth and love and all would be well with them.