Oct 19, 2017

Montia Sabbag Furious Kevin Hart Turned Sex Scandal Into A Joke & Big Bucks On Comedy Tour

Ever since Montia Sabbag came forward and confirmed she is the woman featured in an alleged bedroom tape with married man Kevin Hart, she has been experiencing a ton of hate on social media, including death threats and slut-shaming, her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, tells TMZ. On the contrary, Kevin has managed to quickly win his fans back over, and based the entire promo video for his upcoming Irresponsible tour on making fun of himself for the sex tape scandal. The video reveals that Kevin will definitely be using this alleged cheating drama as new material on the road, and Montia is furious that he’ll be able to make a profit off of her devastation.

Lisa says Kevin’s Irresponsible promo is like a “slap in the face” to Montia, who finds it “very distasteful.” “This stuff takes a toll mentally and physically,” the lawyer explains. “And now with this tour, it’s like this whole thing was a joke.” Montia and Kevin were victims of an extortionist plot — both claimed they had no idea they were being filmed when they were caught on an alleged “sexually provocative” video in a Las Vegas hotel room together. Whoever filmed the video went on to demand a large sum of money from Kevin, and threatened to leak the tape if he did not pay up. Rather than giving into the demands, Kevin came forward and issued a public apology to his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish, and his kids, although he did not specifically mention the video at the time.

Eniko stood by her husband in the aftermath of the summer scandal, and their baby will be born any day now. Meanwhile, Montia is still working with officials to hopefully find the people behind the video and extortion.