Oct 2, 2013

Actor Benson Okonkwo Shares His Sad 'Being Sexually Abused At 10' Story

People think that things are always rosy for actors. They think it's always all about glamour but the truth is we have all had our ugly experiences.

I have gone through a lot in the past and that is what has made me the Benson Okonkwo many love and respect today in the industry. I was sexually abused at the tender age of 10 by my 35 year old neighbor simply called Aunty Amaka, a lady who I love and respect.
She took advantage of me on that fateful afternoon after luring me with sweets and biscuits. She stole my innocence and ever since then I have been haunted by that hurtful memory. That's why I put passion into my acting career because its takes away my pain''.

If he told his parents, Benson said:

I kept it away from my parents, but I told our gateman, who did not tell my parents too.
I grew up with the shock and it still disturbs me till today.
I really wish parents would be more carefulI with who they leave their kids with.