Jul 9, 2017

You are an epistle of elite frustration – El-Rufai blasts Kaduna Restoration Group

Governor Nasiru Ahmef El-Rufai has described the Kaduna Restoration Group as an ”epistle of elite frustration, lengthy on lame lamentations and short on substance and facts.”

He said the group was like a union of the disaffected, the discontented and the disappointed telling a government that all it needs do to be good is to settle them or go back to the old days of sharing state resources to the few professional politicians too lazy to work for a living like other hardworking citizens.
Governor El-Rufai in a press statement through his spokesman, Mr. Samuel Aruwan, said, “We hope that next time the group chooses to write an open letter, they will come up with facts and specifics, framed within a clear public-interest agenda.

“This first outing is nothing more than an attention-seeking effort, a poorly-articulated morass of ambiguity by persons who are unhappy that KDSG has elevated overriding public interest above their personal interests and ambitions.

“The latest open letter is a mish-mash of accusations and claims that fly in all directions. It makes sweeping claims that it does not bother to prove. Couched in condemnatory language, the letter is written to play to the gallery. It is the codification in a single document of the slanders that the two signatories and members of their so-called group have indulged in, sometimes using proxies and the anonymity of social media.

“The so-called Kaduna Restoration Group is fixated on where people come from. It has decided to cast KDSG officials who are not originally from Kaduna State as the “problem” because they see such persons occupying positions they feel is their entitlement.