Jul 9, 2017

Jeremy Meeks’ Heartbroken Wife Demands Divorce After He Cheats With Chloe Green

Melissa Meeks is speaking out! This is the first interview she’s done since hubby Jeremy Meeks was caught cheating with Chloe Green. Her message was loud and clear — their marriage is OVER!

Melissa Meeks has had enough! Tired of being made to look like a fool, she’s demanding divorce 

from husband-of-eight-years Jeremy Meeks, 33. The heartbroken blonde came to the realization 

when Jeremy returned from his trip to Turkey with new fling Chloe Green and brought the children 

home. “We had it out on the doorstep. I told him how devastated and angry I am,” she told the Daily 

Mail on July 8. “He kept apologizing – not for the affair, but for the way I learned about it. I feel 

humiliated, not just because my husband was caught with another woman but for the fact they were 

so brazen about it. He told me, “I didn’t mean it to happen like this.” Those pictures will haunt me for ever.”