Jul 9, 2017

James Harden: Khloe Kardashian’s ExMakes History With $228 MillionNBA Contract

Take that, Steph Curry! James Harden made history on July 8 after signing a staggering $228 million contract with the Houston Rockets. He’s about to become the richest man in the NBA!
LeBron James recently complained about the cap pay basketball players get in the NBA — but we don’t feel sorry for them at all! Following Steph Curry‘s, 29, $201 million contract and James Harden‘s, 27, $228 million payoff, we have absolutely zero sympathy for how poor these professional athletes are. The Houston Rockets superstar trampled Steph’s deal with the Golden State Warriors on July 8, which nobody thought was possible only a week ago. For the 2022- 2023 season, James will likely be the richest man in the NBA as he just made history for breaking the bank, according to ESPN.