Jul 10, 2017

How A Male Alleged Robber Operates Using Hijab

An anonymous man has been caught to be a vulnerable robber using the Muslim hijab in a local area of Minna, Niger state to perpetrate evils in the local environment.

One concerned individual identified as Jonpaul Oshioke Umoru, however revealed the ploy of evildoers as such as this recently caught, using disguise in hijab to operate.

Read below his facebook post:
Dwellers of 3 Arms Zone, Eastern bypass/Maitumbi Axis,Minna in Niger State.
Pls take heed, there is a latest prank used by Handset robbers after dark, they wear hijabs and trail you from behind to portray a feminine character whilst you let down your guard, they catch up and strike at any resistance.
Nemesis caught up with this one yesterday, he has since been apprehended and put in custody. “
JonPaul also posted some picutrres of the man caught in hijab.